Sharpening Saw Blades

Nowadays, saws are sharpened only rarely and by few woodworkers, but the question still tends to arise of how to do it.Sharpening circular saw blade is becoming a forgotten craft and fewer people can even do this.Sharpening one's own sawis vital and one should not be buying replacements can really bring out the skill and self-confidence to any woodworker. The ability to maintain the sharpness on one’s saw blade allowed saws to retain their usefulness, no matter how long the resided in the woodworker’s toolbox. Today's mass produced, plastic handled and Teflon-coated disposable saws are a poor comparison to the quality saw for they are designed to be simply thrown away as soon as they get blunt.

Some woodworkers likes to touch up chipped teeth with a small, flat diamond hone. If you try that, make sure you maintain the original angles and surfaces, and don’t round over the cutting edges. Once in a while you’ll find missing teeth. If the manufacturer can replace the saws, expect that it is expensive.So unless that blade cost a lot in the first place, you’re probably better off to toss it and buy a new one.

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